MOSEIA's mission is to strengthen and expand the solar industry and establish a sustainable energy future for all Missourians.

MOSEIA goal is to accelerate the solar industry in Missouri while raising industry standards. MOSEIA members are required to sign a Code of Ethics vowing to conduct their business with the utmost integrity.

The Industry Association formed in large part to the passage of Proposition C, the Missouri Clean Energy Initiative. Missourians overwhelming supported renewable energy legislation, (66% of the vote) in November 2008, setting Missouri on the path to a cleaner more reliable energy future. Proposition C mandates 15% of the electricity produced by Missouri investor owned utilities (IOUs) comes from renewable sources by 2021, 2% of which must come from solar photovoltaics.

During the 2013 legislative session, MOSEIA worked with other energy stakeholders to support House Bill 142 which became law August 2013.  The intent of HB 142 was a step down of the rebate over the next 6 years.  Just weeks after session ended in each utility offering solar rebates filed with the Missouri Public Service Commission that they had reached the undefined 1% cap.  The solar industry engaged in the regulatory case hiring experts and advocating for transparency to establish a methodology for calculating the 1% cap. Despite our best efforts, the methodology was not established and MOSEIA was faced with two choices. Either sign on to an undesirable stipulation agreement that provided some relief for projects in the rebate queue or risk a regulatory ruling that could have devastating consequences for the industry.  In the end, MOSEIA signed on to the stipulation agreement allowing some projects in the rebate queue to be completed and limiting at least for the time being rebate funds.  By the end of 2014, the Missouri solar industry has the potential to create over 3,700 jobs and added $415 Million to the state's economy.   MOSEIA is working diligently to find a legislative or regulatory solution that will allow the solar industry to go back to work and not reduce their growing work force.  Read SOLAR JOBS FOR MISSOURI - call your legislator and let them know you support the Missouri solar industry. 

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